Brock-o-Dale Trident


Trident is a son of Poppy who has a very dense and well-structured fleece that so far has remained reasonably fine and we hope he will follow his mother's example in this respect. Unfortunately he's rather an unexciting beige colour, but his fleece could be dyed to make it more interesting.

3rd fleece

1st Fleece

AFD 20.1 µm
SD 4.6 µm
CF 96.6%
CV 23.1%

2nd Fleece

AFD 23.7 µm
SD 4.5 µm
CF 93.4%
CV 18.9%
Yield 3.6 kg

4th Fleece

AFD 24.0 µm
SD 4.9 µm
CF 90.7%
CV 20.6%
Yield (blanket only) 2.4 kg

Brock-o-Dale Trident


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Dyed combed Trident