West of England Geese

2014 goslings

      I have taken care to acquire geese from different sources so I can start a flock of this endangered rare breed as unrelated as possible. The image above shows the first four goslings to hatch in 2014, two geese and two ganders.

2014 geese

       West of England geese are an auto-sexing breed. The adult ganders are white and the geese are white with grey in a saddle pattern over the back and on the head. The goslings are born a yellow/grey colour, but it's possible to tell the sexes apart as the ganders look brighter yellow and have pink bills, and the geese have more of a greyishness especially on the head, and have a greyish smudge at the base of the bill.

       These geese tend to lay in March and April and I sometimes have surplus eggs or goslings available for sale.

sex differences