UPDATE. Contact form appears not to be working. Please email manda at brock-o-dale dot co dot uk.

Telephone: 01225 807362 (directs to answering service, please leave a message)

We are located near the city of Bath in England.

Nota bene I do not sell puppies (or any animal) to people abroad whom I do not already know. I absolutely will not hand over a puppy to some business that exports dogs to people abroad. Please do not ask. Please note that any poodles I have available are for sale to loving homes as companions, or rarely by arrangement to responsible breeders known to me with the preservation and improvement of the poodle breed at heart. Buyers are required to sign a contract to this effect. My dogs are not for public stud.

Occasionally and subject to availability we might have trained alpacas available to buy as pets. Please contact if you are interested in any animals we have for sale or would like to go on a waiting list for a group of pet alpacas. People with a serious interest in buying alpacas are welcome to visit and meet them, but I regret we are not a petting zoo and are not open to the public for our breeding alpacas to be played with.

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