Rolled Leather Poodle Collars

If you'd like to order collars and other items, please contact me via the Contact page describing what you'd like. Alternative my poodle collars are available to buy at Etsy. Unfortunately Etsy have increased their prices significantly and recently started taxing postage costs, and prices there have had to increase as a result, so collars are cheaper if you are happy to buy direct and pay by bank transfer. Price list is here.

Anyone who has owned a poodle will tell you that poodles are different to other dogs. These collars are different to other collars because they have been developed specifically for poodles. I designed them for my own poodles because I wanted them to be able to wear something that would not chafe their coats, and be quality and characterful yet durable enough for everyday use.

Sunflower  Cactus  Cornflower
Sunflower                                 Cactus                                  Cornflower

Amelanchier  Fuchsia  Poppy
Amelanchier                      Fuchsia                      Poppy

Woodsorrel  Magnolia  Nightshade
Woodsorrel                      Magnolia                 Nightshade

Echinacea  Marigold  Delphinium  
Echinacea                                      Marigold                                      Delphinium

Iris  Forget-me-Not  Snowdrop  
Iris                                      Forget-me-Not                                      Snowdrop

Poinsettia  Violet  
Poinsettia                                                                           Violet

A problem common to many rolled collars is that the seam is in effect folded in half and stitched (by machine or hand) and the edges of the seam are trimmed down as best as possible and burnished, leaving an 'edge' on the seam. This causes friction as it moves around the dog's neck, and because the seam is thicker and more rigid than the rolled part, it tends to invert around the back of the collar, which makes the seam visible and the collar not so attractive on the dog.

butt seam

My collars are made from gorgeous vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather from an Italian tannery which uses traditional tanning methods. The buckle and D-ring are English brass made by a family business in the Midlands, and they are stitched with very strong linen thread made by traditional methods in France. The rolled section is butt-seamed, and gives the collar a perfectly circular cross section, with no edge to the strap. The stitching is recessed into the leather and the seam is burnished to give a smooth finish and minimise wear on the dog's coat. When the dog is wearing the collar, the seam on the rolled part does not show. The collars are entirely handcut and stitched using traditional methods.

butt seam
Toy poodle size collars

The collar comes in four basic sizes to cover all the varieties of poodle. The areas where the collar fastens are saddle-stitched double leather, except the toy-size collar which has a single-thickness fastening strap to make it easier to take on and off a small neck. There are also two optional alternative buckles. The low-profile buckle is the same English brass, but is lighter and less visible than the standard buckle. The quick-release buckle is made of plastic with a stainless steel D-ring and comes in either a 3/4" width (various colours) or 1/2" width (black only). Quick-releases are not recommended for dogs who pull hard or where the dog would in danger were the collar to fail, but they can work well for people who tend to use a slip lead or harness rather than attaching the lead directly to the collar. A properly fitted collar is also much less likely to become caught and injure a dog than a loose poorly-fitting one. When ordering a quick-release collar, it is important to measure your dog's neck very carefully as unfortunately it's not possible to make these collars adjustable.

Quick release
Quick-release collar in 'Amelanchier' colour

collar on

For those poodles who are 'large and in charge' or just unusually violent on the lead (happens sometimes!) 'Samson' is a heavy-duty collar with a 1" thick strap.

rolled&flat Samson
Samson rolled and flat collars


Exclusive Colours


Red with gold. Only available as prizes at shows. If you are organising a show and are interested in offering collars as prizes, please contact me.
Royal Saffron    
Royal Saffron        
Purple with saffron stitching. In loving memory of Pasha 'Princess Pasha of Wywylwynd'. Only available to those who own a descendant of her bearing my affix.

How to put on these collars: The D-ring should be on the side of the dog that usually is closest to you when walking on lead, for example, if you walk your dog on your left side, the buckle should be on the left-hand side of the dog and the D-ring should be on its right side. Your dog should be trained to walk properly on the lead, as if the dog pulls or moves around in such a way that the part of the collar with the buckle rotates around the neck frequently, this is likely to cause friction damage to the coat. The collar will feel a bit stiff and tight when it is first used, but will become more flexible as it warms up on the dog's neck and is used.

How to care for your collar: All collars should be inspected regularly. Do not use collars that are damaged or showing signs of abnormal wear. Vegetable-tanned leather is very strong but will benefit from regular cleaning and polishing with white saddle soap or another suitable leather cleaner once a month or so. Leather can stretch if it becomes saturated with water, so if your dog is going swimming it should wear a collar made from a different material. If the collar does get soaked, try to avoid attaching a leash to it if possible and take it off as soon as it is safe to do so. If the collar has become misshapen, or got wet from dirty water, rinse it in clean water and fasten the buckle. Squeeze the collar to reform the shape and leave to dry before putting it back on. When using coat dressings and detangling sprays to groom your dog, remove the collar before applying the products and allow the coat to dry fully before replacing the collar. Collars worn by dogs who have these products regularly applied to their coats may benefit from cleaning and polishing more frequently. Use only white saddle soap or other uncoloured suitable cleaners, particularly if your poodle has a light-coloured coat.