What is Wywylwynd?

'Wywylwynd' is a stupid made-up jumble of letters I threw at the Kennel Club after I tried and was refused everything more sensible I could think of to apply for as an affix. Some people think it looks Welsh; it isn't, it's just nonsense. A lot of people ask how it is supposed to be pronounced. I say it is not a word and you can pronounce it however you like, but if you were to put a gun to my head and ask the same question, I guess I would have to say I would pronounce it something like this.


What is Brock-o-Dale?

Brock-o-Dale is a place I fell in love with at first sight, and a DIY project in progress.

Magnolia    Magnolia at Dusk
garden    sunset


dining room    study
living room        Fer1

In Progress

dining room    hall

Fer2    Fer3

Living3    Living4

Living1    Living2

dining room    dining room
dining room    bedroom
bedroom    window
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