For Sale

I hatch birds during spring and summer and occasionally have surplus stock for sale. Birds and other stock for sale will be listed here.


Yellow-shoulder heritage turkey poults available.

Livestock are sold ‘as seen’ with a basic guarantee (if within 48 hours an animal develops a serious problem or dies/has to be euthanised, a replacement animal of similar quality or a refund will be provided if written evidence is provided from a vet that this occurred as a result of any problem that existed prior to the sale of the animal). All animals offered for sale are in good health at the time to the best of our knowledge, and full history is made available prior to sale. Alpacas sold as breeding animals carry an additional fertility guarantee (replacement animal of same sex and similar quality for pet price if no pregnancy results within an agreed timescale, or if this is not possible, two stud services on ‘drive by’ terms from my males, at no charge). Unfortunately I cannot normally accept back livestock once they have been removed from the site, for biosecurity reasons, but I am always happy to provide advice and will do my best to help should a buyer’s circumstances change and animals need to be rehomed.