Thistlebonce of Wywylwynd


Cally joined a new family where she enjoyed peace and quiet as an only dog, and had two loving adults all to herself. Whilst we will all miss Cally, we feel this is the best thing we can do for her, as with her visual impairment and lack of confidence with other dogs, a multiple-dog household was not the best place for her. She passed away in 2022.

Cally1     Cally2 Cally2

Cally is a 24" tall pale apricot bitch. Cally is a pet and has never been used for breeding. She is gentle and loyal, but has a skittish disposition and is nervous around strange people and does not like other dogs in her personal space (apart from Loki) and this is not the sort of temperament a poodle is meant to have. She also has several serious conformational faults, and in 2016 her left eye was removed due to an ophthalmological problem diagnosed as 'multi-ocular defects' that was causing ongoing issues that all other options had failed to resolve.


Cally4     Cally5

Cally, English Saddle trim

Kennel Club Agility
Grade 1 Agility dog November 2013

Cally's temperament profile (What's this?)
Food motivation LOW
Toy motivation HIGH
Mouth quality HIGH
Prey drive LOW
Attitude to owner/family MODERATE
Attitude to people LOW
Attitude to dogs LOW
Attitude to playing MODERATE
Proprioception HIGH
Sensitivity to Correction HIGH
Affinity for water LOW
Gunsteady YES