Video examples of temperament traits


Above: 'high' attitude to toys. Pasha brings the toys to people to interact.
Below: 'moderate' attitude to toys -- Indi values the toy, but would rather run away with it than interact.


Below: 'high' proprioception. Precise takeoff and landing in a cluttered area.


Above: appropriate playing between two poodles who are friends. The playing is quite physical at times but both dogs are quite happy with this. Note reciprocal chasing (dogs take turns to be in front when running) and lots of bouncy up-and-down movement and 'play bow' -- dogs lowering their forequarters on their elbows as an invitation to play.
Below: appropriate playing and 3-way scrum with a puppy. (Loki isn't actually playing here, and seems to have set himself up as the referee)

Below: Inappropriate playing. Pasha (black) had difficulty with reciprocity and problems 'reading' other dogs. Even though this game starts well with Cally bouncing to invite Pasha to chase her, when Cally turns to face Pasha, Pasha does not run and give Cally the opportunity to chase her. Cally is giving clear signals that Pasha is being too aggressive and making her stressed. Pasha is ignoring the signals and has become fixated on chasing. Note that Pasha's attempts to get Cally to continue playing when she is indicating she doesn't want to play are inappropriate -- shouting at her, and in particular getting in her personal space and poking her in the back of the neck to try to get her to run. Compare these to the bouncing and 'play bow' in the video above. Cally's attitude to playing is 'moderate' -- although she always plays nicely with Loki as in the above video, with some dogs she herself is too forward.

above: Playing between dogs with a toy. The growling and noise is normal and not a sign of aggression. Below: appropriate play with a toy between an adult dog and a small puppy. Although Pasha's chase-playing was often inappropriate, she did play nicely with younger dogs.


Two toy-motivated dogs in water. Pasha rates as 'moderate' for affinity for water -- she will enter the water for the incentive of the toy. She avoids going out of her depth. Hobsey is a 'high' affinity for water dog. She quite happily goes out of her depth and swim for the toy.