2023 Litter 'Music'

Saffi has 7 pups born on June the 27th. All the pups have gone to their new homes, apart from Buxton who is staying here. Please get in touch if interested in a puppy from a future litters.

Saffi                                                                        Otto
WYWYLWYND SAFFRON                           AJDAR zu FEENHOF von WYWYLWYND
Saffi                                         Otto

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COI 5-generation (KC website): 0%
COI 15-generation (SPD): 3.6%
Wycliffe contribution: 27%
OEA contribution: 15%

SPD calculation output (pdf)

Saffi and pups

Saffi and pups
Pups are 48 h old, and it's time to start introducing them to smells and textures. The first smell is cedarwood.

Saffi and pups
Anise smell and sandpaper to crawl off of.

Saffi and pups
Buddleja flower

Saffi and pups
They liked the mint. Lots of head raising and turning and big sniffs.

Saffi and pups
Pups are 1 week old.

Saffi and pups
Saffi exercising

Saffi and pups
The weather is hot and the pups have spread out. Today's smell is juniper.

Saffi and pups
The pups are 2 weeks old and are being wormed. Some of them have opened their eyes.

Saffi and pups
Two of the pups are having some problems. One of the brown girls didn't open her eyes along with the others, and developed conjunctivitis. This has happened once before in the previous litter Saffi had, and treating it was fairly straightforward with the vet forcing the puppy's eyes open and using antibiotic eye drops. Unfortunately the vet doesn't seem to have been able to open the puppy's eyes and getting the eye drops into the eyes was very difficult, and although the conjunctivitis seems to have cleared up, the puppy has suddenly lost interest in feeding, so she is being treated with antibiotics and having to have milk replacer syringed into her mouth to keep her nourished and hydrated while they have a chance to work. One of the boys keeps getting constipated with voluminous poo and the vet can't see what is causing this, and the puppy seems alert and normal otherwise. The hypothesis I'm working with at the moment is that the puppy has some degree of lactose intolerance, and if it is this it should hopefully improve once he starts weaning. (The boy with the flowery collar and the black girl are the biggest pups in the litter)

Saffi and pups
After a difficult few days, the girl pup has started to improve and is feeding from Saffi again. The boy continues to do OK.

Saffi and pups
Pups are 3 weeks old and have been introduced to their first meal, a tin of sardines. The biggest two pups were most interested in the food.

Saffi and pups
The two smaller pups are the ones who have been having some problems. Interestingly today they are trying the food as well as Fat Girl and Fat Boy, whereas the medium size pups are not enthusiastic!

Saffi and pups
Pups have moved into the kitchen.

Saffi and pups
What passes for normal round here.

Saffi and pups
The pups are 4 weeks old, and potential owners along with friends & family are visiting them. The two smaller pups are doing well after starting on food (will be vet checked again to make sure nothing is wrong) and the pups are starting to try different foods, such as chicken mince and dry puppy food soaked in water.

Saffi and pups
If you do come to visit us, you don't need to bring a present, but if you want to, we do appreciate newspapers. Our favourites are The Financial Times and The Telegraph, but anything suitably absorbent will do.

Saffi and pupsSaffi and pups
My nephew is a Girl Magnet. And little puppy who was so ill with conjunctivitis was really into the children and especially liked my niece's socks.

Saffi and pups
Pups meet Hobson.

Saffi and pups
Pups meet Aston the whiplet.

Pups are 5 weeks old and are starting to explore the great outdoors.

Pan likes pups.

Pups went on a car trip. One pup was sick but it was just before we got back and after eating sardines.

Finally some decent weather. Big black girl and small girl show a lot of early interest in toys and objects. Big boy is more interested in newspapers and ripping them at the moment.

The problem with water dogs.

The pups have been to the vet for their health check and first DHP vaccination.

Petito has been kept to be monitored and grow a bit longer, and so we could do some vet tests to make sure he doesn't have any issues, as he had some digestive issues when he was young. The test results have now come back normal and Petito hasn't done any strange-coloured poos for many weeks, and seems to be growing normally. He is people-oriented and looking for a loving person, couple, or family with older sensible children.