Downloadable Resources

Please RIGHT CLICK on links to PDF files and use SAVE AS to make a copy of the file on your computer. Open the file with Adobe Acrobat or another suitable program, PLEASE NOT in your Internet browser, otherwise interactive forms will not work properly.

Puppy Questionnaire PDF RIGHT CLICK please for people interested in joining my waiting list for a puppy.

Resources for Puppy Owners Downloadable versions of reading material given to our new puppy owners.
List of recommended food
Feeding schedule
Grooming manual with recommended products
Illustrations of popular clips
Health and veterinary information
Training and exercise advice

Reaction Temperament Assessment *beta* resource for breeders to assess their puppies and generate a personalised socialisation plan for each new owner.
Temperament test that can be used to assess your puppy.
Form PDF RIGHT CLICK please that generates an individual socialisation plan for your puppy, from results you input from the above test.