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Hobsey age 6 1/2
Hobsey aged 6 1/2

Hobsey is a pretty brown bitch about 23 1/2 inches tall who is lively and energetic, and loves toys and playing with people. She likes to play all day and then cuddle on the sofa when the day is done. She is the first poodle I have had so far who has a genuine love of water for its own sake, and will readily swim to retrieve toys. She is a beautifully solid, compact girl with dark eyes, lovely carriage, and a dense, harsh, tightly-curled coat.

Hobsey playing with Adhara, both age 3

Hobson has had four litters of puppies and is the mother of Trilby and Tiffin, and is now retired from breeding and will stay here for the rest of her life. Hobsey took to motherhood really well and loves pups whether they're her own or someone else's.

Hobsey in a freezing January mist with daughter Tiffin from her 4th and final litter, lockdown 2021.


Although Hobsey shows great enthusiasm for learning new things and interacting with new equipment, unfortunately she doesn't travel very well, so I've never been able to take up a discipline properly with her. She joined us as an older puppy, and while she was well socialised to people and other dogs, she had not been socialised to travelling in a vehicle, and it seemed that the critical period had passed. Although she seems to quite enjoy getting into the vehicle to go out, she salivates so much that everything including her and anyone else in with her gets drenched, and sometimes vomits still. She has a beautiful coat, which naturally gets completely spoilt if she has to go anywhere! Hobsey enjoys retrieving toys and playing on the agility equipment at home. She has achieved her KCGC Bronze award at a local show.



COI (15 generation SPD) 10%
COI (KC Website) 4.8%
% Wycliffe 27%
% OEA 15%

Health testing results

Test Date Result
BVA Eye Test (hereditary cataracts) August 2020 Not Affected
Genetic Test: von Willebrand's Disease 2015 CLEAR
Genetic Test: Degenerative Myelopathy 2015 CLEAR
Genetic Test: Neonatal Encephalopathy 2014 CLEAR
Genetic Test: RCD4 PRA 2020 CLEAR
ANKC hip score* August 2014 7+11=18
Biopsy:sebaceous adenitis April 2015 Not Affected

*     I had Hobson x-rayed and the radiograph is shown at the bottom of this page. Despite specifically asking for Hobsey to be positioned properly for BVA scoring, and using a vet who had been widely recommended, I was not happy with the positioning at all, and asked for it to be redone, but the vet insisted it was correct and refused to redo it. Rather than going elsewhere and putting Hobsey through irradiation and the risks of sedation/anaesthesia all over again, I told the vet to send the poorly-positioned image to be scored. Several months later, with no result and after much effort chasing this up and being fobbed off with excuses, the vet finally admitted the radiograph had been rejected by the BVA because the positioning was so poor it was not fit to be scored. I have never received a refund, an offer to redo the x-ray, or even an apology from the person responsible for this. Hobsey was checked for an Ortolani sign (a physical non-radiographic method of detecting abnormally loose hips) while under sedation and no Ortolani sign was present in either hip. I have shown it to two other vets with experience of x-raying hips for the BVA scheme and they agree that even though the positioning is bad and it would likely look better positioned properly, it is still possible to tell from it there is no serious problem with Hobsey's hips (such as severe subluxation or osteoarthritis). Since this happened, I have started using Penn Hip scoring instead of BVA scoring, as it is more accurate and less dependent on positioning, and vets in the scheme are obliged if they position a dog incorrectly for the scheme to repeat it for no charge.
     In 2021 I heard from a number of other breeders that they were sending radiographs to the Australian ANKC scoring scheme as the BVA scheme had broken down due to the pandemic with a delay of several months, because this service had a simple online submission process and used the same system as BVA. Out of interest I submitted Hobsey's original radiograph which the BVA had rejected six years previous. This was scored 7 on the right and 11 on the left (with the left leg being the one that appears to be affected worst by the poor positioning pulled across her body and pushed upward against the joint being marked up for subluxation and Norberg angle). I am grateful to the ANKC for providing this service and a scored result that would seem to support that, taking into account the poor positioning, Hobsey's hips are probably slightly worse than the median for the breed, but there is no problem with them.
     Hobsey as of the age of 7 at retirement remains in rude health and has never shown any sign of a problem with her hips. Two of Hobsey's offspring, her full brother Angus, and two cousins have had their hips evaluated using Pennhip or BVA scoring all with scores close to or better than the breed median. Hobsey's mother Twiggy was never scored, but remained sound and active with no joint pain throughout her life.

Hobson's temperament profile (What's this?)
Food motivation HIGH
Toy motivation HIGH
Mouth quality LOW
Prey drive HIGH
Attitude to owner/family HIGH
Attitude to people MODERATE
Attitude to dogs MODERATE
Attitude to playing HIGH
Proprioception MODERATE
Sensitivity to Correction LOW
Affinity for water HIGH
Gunsteady YES



Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze award, May 2015

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Show Results

Chippenham & District 2014
Puppy Bitch: 1st place
Critique from judge Lynda Lewis: This young lady was a real handful. Just under a year old, moved really well once she settled. Lovely head and expression, good reach of neck with well laid shoulders. Should have a bright future.

Paignton Championship Show 2014
Junior Bitch: 2nd place
Critique from judge Miss D Spavin: Feminine head, alert expression, good head carriage, clean outline, nice bone, moderate quarters.