Wywylwynd Checkmate


Trilby 6 months old

I planned to keep a girl from this very special litter, however, the Universe decided all the pups would be boys! Trilby was the puppy I eventually decided to keep, a difficult choice as he and his three brothers were all wonderful pups!


Health testing results

Test Date Result
Penn Hip Distraction Index 20/8/20 R=0.4 L=0.4
BVA Eye Test (hereditary cataracts) 19/5/22 NOT AFFECTED
Genetic Test: von Willebrand's Disease - CLEAR
Genetic Test: Degenerative Myelopathy - CARRIER
Genetic Test: Neonatal Encephalopathy - CLEAR
Genetic Test: prcd-PRA - CLEAR
Genetic Test: RCD4-PRA - CLEAR

Trilby's temperament profile (What's this?)
Food motivation MODERATE
Toy motivation HIGH
Mouth quality MODERATE
Prey drive HIGH
Attitude to owner/family HIGH
Attitude to people MODERATE
Attitude to dogs MODERATE
Attitude to playing HIGH
Proprioception MODERATE
Sensitivity to Correction MODERATE
Affinity for water HIGH
Gunsteady YES

Wywylwynd Checkmate



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Trilby radiograph
Trilby hip radiograph by Hook Norton vets