Clavidd Crusade for Indigo


Indi aged nearly 2

Indi had two litters here, giving us her daughters, Saffi and Midori, and has now retired from breeding and gone to join a quieter family with two adults and an older small dog.

Indi is a small black bitch 22 1/2" tall. She has beautiful feet, nice angulation with a very good front assembly, and a harsh coat that grows into tight, crisp curls. Indi loves to meet new people, whether they are humans or dogs!

Indi is Twiggy's niece and Hobson's cousin, and her pedigree contains old Canen, Wylderhope, and Supernova. Her mother and grandmother ware both working gundogs, and Indi's grandfather was an agility dog who reached grade 3 before retiring. Indi's uncle also competes successfully in agility. Although I would have loved to do agility with her, and I'm sure she would have loved it too, unfortunately Indi has a mild problem with one of her back legs that the vet thinks resulted from an injury when she was a very small puppy, and the vet and a physiotherapist thought it would probably be better not to do high-impact sports with her as her leg may be predisposed to injury because of this. Instead we have been looking at doing obedience and less athletic sports. Indi has thus far achieved KCGC bronze and silver awards.


Indi aged nearly 1 year

Health testing results

Test Date Result
Penn Hip Distraction Index August 2015 L=0.31 R=0.46, 60th pctl
BVA Eye Test (hereditary cataracts) January 2018 NOT AFFECTED
Genetic Test: von Willebrand's Disease November 2016 CLEAR
Genetic Test: Degenerative Myelopathy November 2016 CLEAR
Genetic Test: Neonatal Encephalopathy - CLEAR
Genetic Test: Malignant Hyperthermia - CLEAR

Pedigree and DNA marker analyses (What's this?)
COI (15 generation) 9%
COI (KC Website) 2%
% Wycliffe 26%
% OEA 16%
VGL OI 2017 0.41

Indi's temperament profile (What's this?)
Food motivation MODERATE
Toy motivation MODERATE
Mouth quality HIGH
Prey drive MODERATE
Attitude to owner/family MODERATE/LOW
Attitude to people HIGH
Attitude to dogs MODERATE
Attitude to playing HIGH
Proprioception HIGH
Sensitivity to Correction HIGH
Affinity for water LOW
Gunsteady NO


Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze award, May 2015
Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver award, June 2015

Clavidd Crusade for Indigo



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Canen Late Night Extra
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Canen Heavens Above
Canen Last Dance

Canen Twist and Shout
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Shandy of Middlewalk
Canen Late Night Extra Late Edition of Canen
Canen Heaven Can Wait
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Canen Late Night Extra
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Indi's Penn Hip radiographs by Joe Fox of Highcroft Vets, from top to bottom: extended (neutral) view, distraction view, compression view