Wywylwynd Adhara



Adhara is a black bitch standing 23" tall. A poodle should have the heart of a lion and the reflexes of a cobra. Adhara has both these things, but she also sometimes has the brain of a hare! She has a wonderful loving, loyal nature and is motivated and fun to work with. Adhara is squarely proportioned and beautifully angulated with gorgeous dark eyes. We started training together for agility soon after her second birthday. In 2017 we started competing.

Adhara aged 6




Adhara (the H is silent) is the name of a bright star in the constellation Canis Major ('big dog'). It comes from an Arabic word meaning 'maiden'.


Adhara had a litter of five lovely puppies in 2018, which included her daughter Pandora. It is unlikely Adhara will be bred again, and will instead return to doing agility and being a bedwarmer.

Health testing results

Test Date Result
Penn Hip Distraction Index 29 March 2016 L=0.3 R=0.33, 90th pctl
BVA Eye Test (hereditary cataracts) March 2017 NOT AFFECTED
Genetic Test: von Willebrand's Disease - HEREDITARY CLEAR
Genetic Test: Degenerative Myelopathy - HEREDITARY CLEAR
Genetic Test: Neonatal Encephalopathy - HEREDITARY CLEAR

COI (15 generation) 6.1%
COI (KC Website) 0.3%
% Wycliffe 36%
% OEA 12%

Adhara's temperament profile (What's this?)
Food motivation MODERATE
Toy motivation HIGH
Mouth quality HIGH
Prey drive MODERATE
Attitude to owner/family HIGH
Attitude to people HIGH
Attitude to dogs MODERATE
Attitude to playing MODERATE
Proprioception HIGH
Sensitivity to Correction MODERATE
Affinity for water MODERATE
Gunsteady YES

Adhara's Show Critiques
Westbury & District Open 2017, judge Mary Sparks. AVNSC Utility Postgraduate, 1st place. "Feminine head, good size and well balanced. Presented in good condition and shown well."

Hobsey playing with Adhara, both age 3

Photo © Jane Rowden 2014

Adhara as a small puppy

Penn Hip
Penn Hip by Joe Fox of Highcroft Vets

Wywylwynd Adhara



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Love Lovely Adhara with her puppies born 2018