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Angus is Hobson's brother, a friendly 25 1/2" tall dog who so far has remained a bright chestnut brown with very little grizzle in his coat. He lives with his owners Kate and Adie in the London area. Angus is the son of Twiggy, the brother of Hobson, and the cousin of Indi. Angus is available at limited stud to suitable bitches with priority given to breeders interested in diversity and/or working poodles.


Angus has nice carriage & topline, a short back, and a refined head with intelligent expression


COI (15 generation SPD) 10%
COI (KC Website) 4.8%
% Wycliffe 27%
% OEA 15%
Colour genotype Ee bb

Health testing results

Test Date Result
BVA Hip Score 2014 7+6=13
BVA Eye Test (hereditary cataracts) March 2015 Not Affected
Genetic Test: von Willebrand's Disease 2015 CLEAR
Genetic Test: Degenerative Myelopathy 2015 CLEAR
Genetic Test: Neonatal Encephalopathy 2014 CLEAR
Biopsy: Sebaceous Adenitis April 2015 Not Affected
Genetic Test: Malignant Hyperthermia 2014 CLEAR

Angus's temperament profile (What's this?)
Food motivation HIGH/MODERATE
Toy motivation HIGH
Mouth quality MODERATE
Prey drive HIGH
Attitude to owner/family MODERATE
Attitude to people MODERATE
Attitude to dogs MODERATE
Attitude to playing MODERATE
Proprioception HIGH
Sensitivity to Correction ?
Affinity for water HIGH

Jorgei One of the Few



Jorgei Just Justin

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View Angus's pedigree on PHR.

Show Results

Angus qualified for and appeared in the Yearling Dog class at Crufts 2015 handled by owner Kate.

Hitchin and District Open Show 25/10/14
2nd Junior Standard Poodle
Reserve best of breed
Critique from Judge Mr S Rann “15 month male brown. Very showy lad with good gait & topline. Male in appearance, with plush but harsh enough coat. Would have preferred to see his movement a little less bouncy, as this detracted from the drive required”

South Western Poodle Club Championship Show 2/11/14
2nd Junior Dog
3rd Novice Dog
Critique from Judge Mrs L Tranter: “Brown dog, short backed, freestands holding his shape & keeps his outline on the move”

Eastern Counties Poodle Club Open Show 30/11/14
1st Junior Dog
2nd Novice Dog
“Brown, very lively young man of just over a year. Plenty of coat. Would prefer a shorter back & less tail. Tended to be a bit rangy on the move. When he settles will be a much better picture, needs time”

The Poodle Club Championship Show 25/01/15
2nd Junior Dog
2nd Yearling Dog
Critique from Judge Mrs J Lilley: “Brown with well laid shoulder, this eventually being proved by the excellence of his movement, being light on his feet & covering ground in profile. Just a touch over-excited in this class but, having had quite a bit of exercise outside in the meantime, later proved he could go very well indeed when he calmed down & decided to behave himself. Ring training might help perhaps as the promise is all there?”

South Western Poodle Club Open Show 7/02/12
1st Special Open Dog
2nd Novice Dog

Midland Counties Poodle Club Championship Show 22/02/15
3rd Novice Dog
1st Special Open Dog