Wywylwynd Queen Mab


Pandora 23 months old

Pandora's grandmother was 'Princess Pasha of Wywylwynd' -- the sort of name I probably would not have chosen had I been responsible for registering her, but it was her name, so it came to mean her. Pandora's father I imported from Germany, and his breeder's affix is 'zu Feenhof' which translates to something like 'to the court of the fairies'. Queen Mab is a fairy character in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet so I chose this for her registered name in honour of both sides of her family tree. Her actual name, Pandora, means 'all gifts'. The journey that led to her birth unfortunately has involved more than a fair share of tragedy and bad luck, hence the choice of a 'star crossed' litter theme, as due to some problems with her birth we lost four of the pups who would have been in the litter. So I feel she truly is a gift and I am fortunate to have her.

Pandora 1 year old

Pandora 6 months old

Little Pan 6 weeks old

Health testing results

Test Date Result
Penn Hip Distraction Index* September 2020 R 0.36 L 0.26
BVA Eye Test (hereditary cataracts) 6 February 2020 Not affected
Genetic Test: von Willebrand's Disease - HEREDITARY CLEAR
Genetic Test: Degenerative Myelopathy - HEREDITARY CLEAR
Genetic Test: Neonatal Encephalopathy - HEREDITARY CLEAR

Pandora also has a BVA hip score of 3+3=6. This was because the vet by mistake submitted the plate from her Penn hip to the BVA as well

COI (15 generation) 4.6%
COI (KC Website) 0%
% Wycliffe 34%
% OEA 8%

Pandora's temperament profile (What's this?)
Food motivation MODERATE
Toy motivation HIGH
Mouth quality HIGH
Prey drive MODERATE
Attitude to owner/family HIGH
Attitude to people MODERATE
Attitude to dogs MODERATE
Attitude to playing MODERATE
Proprioception HIGH
Sensitivity to Correction MODERATE
Affinity for water MODERATE
Gunsteady YES

Pandora 23 months old

Wywylwynd Queen Mab



Ajdar zu Feenhof von Wywylwynd

Amicus Optima Meeganius

Samarcanda I Am What I Am Cabryn Samarcanda Arsenium Cabryn Ringleader
Cabryn Janie Lane
Fidel Flying Noodle Zelante's General Edifidel
Moodle's French Noodles
Gertongardens Sorbet Mydele's Arexs Abraxas Brown Bradley
Fidel Adele
Gertongardens Jolly-Cola Zelante's General Edifidel
Dackefejdens Pooh Snatcher
Lvi Baltiki Lubomira Lesnaja Feja

Dinasyia Lumier Radoneg Simni Uzor Cantope Mightiness Febi Dragon Topper's Shiloh At Cantope
Cantope's Veuve Clicquot
Ironia Sudby S Lipetskoy Slobody Antoni Favorit
Dama Pik S Lipetskoy Slobody
Lvi Baltiki Zlata Zvezdnaya Adam Moe Solo Triumph
Biskra Atlant Baltiyskiy Lev
L Gerta Dragn

Wywylwynd Adhara

Zenzaris Solstice Son

café au lait
Zenzaris Lord of Charms Taladayga The Entertainer Afterglow Jamaica Me Crazy
Shanpave Carat Gold
Tisane's A Silver Charm Kit-Sue's U.K. Trailblazer for Tisane
Te-Awa's Star Across The Ocean for Tisane
Zenzaris Phantom Beginnings Kitsu's Royal Addition O'Henry's Zorro
Williams Cousin Candy Coated
Kitsu's Electra Girl Darkwoods Kit-Sue's De O Gee
Rocking Y's Little Feather
Princess Pasha of Wywylwynd

Kenmilleven Look and Listen Jencro Crest Of The Wave Jencro Future Promise at Tianola
Twindles For Your Eyes Only
Catherton Aphrodite Wylderhope Prince
Bond Bombshell
Sarana Shocon's Lass Canen Amaretto at Hansvale Kenmilltri Peter
Canen Spellcheck
Frizzpeel Fresh Davidstar Blue Moon
Kenmilltri Penelope

Pandora hip radiograph
Pandora hip radiograph by Hook Norton vets